The priority of Lebopoll Logistics Sp. z o.o., based in Sośnicowice, is the continuous fulfillment of customer requirements by maintaining the highest level of quality in national and international transportation and freight forwarding.

Our goal in the Quality Policy is to maintain a strong market position and solidify the reputation of a reliable business partner who cares for customers. We strive to be a leader among competitive companies, providing high specialization and service quality.

Introduction of a Quality Management System in accordance with the PN – EN ISO 9001:2015 standard enables the President of the Board to modernize the company’s management, compete in both domestic and foreign markets, and achieve set objectives.

We achieve these goals through:

  • Individual and reliable customer approach, gaining their lasting trust.
  • Providing services that extensively meet customer needs.
  • Rigorous control of service implementation at every stage, using modern methods of research, measurements, and information transmission.
  • Constantly improving the level of equipment and technical infrastructure.
  • Ongoing staff training to ensure proper use of modern equipment.
  • Enhancing professional qualifications to increase the quality of work performed.
  • Cost optimization of provided services and increased economic efficiency.
  • Identification and supervision of risks and opportunities for the implemented processes.
  • Establishing the belief that responsibility for the quality of services is the fundamental duty of every employee.
  • Continuous improvement of services and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
  • Meeting applicable legal, regulatory, and other requirements.

The guarantee of achieving the set goals is the awareness of the President of the Board and company employees of the need for continuous improvement of the effectiveness of all processes aimed at satisfying our customers’ needs and meeting the requirements of the PN – EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

We will promote and apply this Quality Policy with due diligence, ensuring its relevance.