We take pride in the fact that Lebopoll Logistics Sp. z o.o. holds a range of certificates and licenses, confirming our professionalism and compliance with the highest industry standards. Our company has gained recognition in the field of national and international transportation, as evidenced by the following documents:

The ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate

Our quality management system meets the rigorous ISO 9001:2015 standards, reflecting our commitment to providing services at the highest level. We prioritize the quality of our services, adapting to the changing needs of the market.

Licenses for national and international transportation

We hold the necessary licenses enabling us to provide transportation services both domestically and beyond national borders. Our team adheres to all legal regulations and norms, ensuring safe and compliant transportation services.

By holding these certificates and licenses, Lebopoll Logistics ensures customers not only professionalism but also a commitment to providing services with the utmost respect for the highest industry standards. We are ready to meet even the most demanding expectations of our clients.